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Please pick a nfo file to upload. (.nfo and .txt only, Max Size 300K)

NFOmation is an upload and rendering service for 'fancy' text files called iNFO files.
It is not an PasteBin

See Wikipedia for more about NFO files.


  • When I try to upload something I get "The connection was reset" or something like "The connection was reset"
    This means the file you were trying to upload was bigger than 300K, we have protections to prevent you from wasting your, and our, bandwidth.
  • What characters are commonly used in NFO files?
    There are many commonly used characters in NFO files.
    I have put together a an Organized NFO Characters File that makes it easy to find the characters you need.
  • Can I select different views to be default when I link to an NFO?
    NFOmation supports many views in the URL, below I will provide some examples for our Mascot.
    Personally, I do not know why you would use info.dos, but it's an option, in case we decide to make another view default.
  • When I visit a link from an NFO file, I get sent to this Anonym.To Site.
    This is by design to hide the referrer, Anonym.To, shows up as where your browser came from, instead of an NFO file.
    You don't wan't Amazon or IMDB, etc, knowing that your visiting their link because it was in an NFO file, do you?
  • I am unable to create a direct link to the NFO download.
    This is by design to prevent people from abusing our service.
    We require all nfo file downloads be done by clicking the Download button.
  • I am unable to upload an NFO file; the site says "bad file extension"
    NFOmation only allows NFO and TXT files to be uploaded with file exensions ending in .nfo or .txt.
    Please verify your file is really a NFO text file and rename it to end with .nfo.
  • Some NFO files have tabs in them, "How does NFOmation handle tabs?"
    During rendering NFOmation converts all tabs to 8 spaces.
    8 spaces is the standard for most POSIX and DOS consoles for a tab character.
    During our tests with multiple nfos contianing tabs and formatting characters afterwards, 8 characters caused most layouts to align properly..
  • I am unable to upload an NFO file; the site says "bad file, looks like your trying to pull a fast one on us by renaming a file."
    NFOmation only allows NFO and TXT files to be uploaded. We analyze each uploaded file to determine if it is really an NFO file. It is very likely that what you tried to upload is not an NFO file. Please verify that the file is an NFO file.
    If you know your file is an NFO file, then please email the address on the home page an error report and include the NFO file. If we determine it to really be an NFO file, we will try to make the system recognize your file in the future.
  • I love your mascot. Can I use it?
    Feel free to use it, it is licensed under GFDL CopyLeft. Just make sure you follow the rules of the CopyLeft.

NFOmation reserves the right to remove or replace any files that compromise the security of the server, or are otherwise malignant.

Conditions of use:

  • Only .nfo and .txt files are allowed to be uploaded
  • We are not a pastebin, so don't treat us like one
  • You are allowed to hotlink to our generated images.
  • Everything uploaded is subject to being released to the public
  • Everything available in the browser is Copyleft and licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
    Individual NFO files may be subject to their own licensing.
    The back-end source code is not public and is protected by Copyright.

Treatment of abuse:

  • Files uploaded which are against the above terms will be removed
  • Multiple abuses can result in your ip address being banned


None of the files hosted on NFOmation constitute copyright information, they are simply 'fancy' text files. No copyrighted material is hosted on this server.
If you still feel obligied to submit a DMCA then we will feel obliged to ignore it.


Expect No Privacy, this is the Internet.